I was teaching a private class the other day, and my student was frustrated. He was finding it hard to do a twisted high lunge. It is hard, right? That’s the point. It’s supposed to be challenging. But he was annoyed because he hadn’t found it hard before. It hadn’t been an area of his practice that he struggled with. And all of a sudden, he was struggling.

As a teacher, you recognise and relate to that frustration. I’ve had it myself. I’ll continue to have it.

What we can do, as teacher and student, is to step back. Is to simplify. It’s not a regression, because yoga isn’t a progression. Some of the hardest stuff to do in yoga is the most simple, physically.

Take savasana. How many of us lie in savasana thinking about what we’re going to have for dinner, or what someone said that morning. How many of us can empty our mind? Not many. Because it’s hard. Because it takes practice. Because it takes patience.

We can work on our patience by trying longer holds in our asana practice. Some slower breathing. We can strip the practice back. Just you, your mat and your breath.


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