The mind body connection

Hi everyone!

Each week in my class at Fit4Less in Brentford, I try to think about a theme that will interest my students.

I’ll share that theme with you in this blog.

Last week, my theme was the connection between the physical body and emotional pain. At the start of each class, Anna Forrest asks her students: ‘pick a spot that needs extra attention, so you can connect to that spot and then feel what emotion is connected to it.’

We often overlook this physical and emotional connection, but it is littered through our dialect, ‘I have a gut feeling’, or ‘my heart was in my mouth.’ We are used to describing emotion in a physical way.

How can we move this idea into a yoga class? We can isolate our physical stressors. We can move with care in each asana. We can try to use our body, mind and breath together in our practice.

By focusing on these areas of physical instability, we can start to strengthen our emotional selves.


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